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Experienced Breeders


Experienced breeders

Our journey, experience and passion as breeders started early in 2015 and has led us to our dream of owning a small kennel. Though our landscape and location may be large, we have decided to hold a small amount of dogs, to ensure all members are given the optimal amount of love and attention needed. Aside from servicing the basic needs and safety of our dogs, breeding healthy puppies is our main concern. 
To reinforce the healthy lives of our pregnant dogs and their newborns, we follow a strict regiment that involves a comfortable stay in our home for a minimum of two weeks during the final stages of their pregnancy up until six weeks post labour. This allows us to keep a close eye on the mother and her newborns and provide the necessary attention as it is demanded. At six weeks of age, the puppies and their mom begin to make the transition from our home to our kennel nursery right next door. At our nursery, the mother and her pups pass the last couple of weeks together to ensure the proper weaning of her puppies. At eight weeks of age, all puppies are fully weaned. In addition to healthy bonding and separation of the puppies, we also believe the dietary measures of our pregnant females has a direct impact on the health of our newborns, therefore we feed them liver, chicken and vegetables throughout the entirety of their pregnancy. 
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Happy and Healthy
We breed a total of three breeds: Boston Terrier, Shiba Inu and Pomeranian. We are proud to share that all of our dogs are given a total of eight hours of human connection every day. Such interaction and affection is provided through playing with them in their large kennel backyard, cleaning their beds and space, changing their water and blankets, feeding them and simply spending quality time with them. Furthermore, all of our dogs are given automatic access to the great outdoors through our built-in reverse swinging doors. This allows them to not only have their own personal space indoors but the luxury of going outdoors at all times. 
A Forever Friend
We consider ourselves growing experts in match making our puppies with the right owner. Each breed has their own character and charm and each owner comes not only with a certain expectation, but their very own personality traits. Therefore, it is our great responsibility to make certain that our puppies are properly placed to secure a long lasting relationship between owner and friend. 

Why us

As a young woman, I knew that the great purpose of life was to find a way to live a life of purpose. My love and passion for dogs has always been known and over time my interaction with them very naturally became my passion that now fuels my purpose. I am strongly dedicated to offer the best quality of life to my dogs and their litter to ensure a healthy relationship between owner and friend.
We dedicate our time to offer the best quality of life to our dogs, and thus have healthy, sociable and good temperament pups.
The passion for rasing our dogs and their pups comes from our hearts.
We look forward to engaging with you in the near future,
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