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While we believe picking up your puppy in person is the best way, we also understand that not everyone lives near us, and that is why we are willing to fly our puppies to you if this is your case.
We will be able to offer this service only if some requirements are aligned:
*We have made a video call and we both agree to continue the process.
*The flight has to be direct and no longer than 6 hours total.
*The puppy will only fly when she/he is 9 weeks or older.
*The weather is safe for shipping a puppy. This information is given by westjet, which is the airline we use when fighting a puppy. For additional information, you can go to their website https://www.westjet.com/en-ca/cargo/shipping.
*The flight cost and crate are covered by the Buyer.
*The Buyer agrees to buy the puppy only as a pet; the Buyer has to agree to our “Non-Breeding Contract.”

*A video call will be made by the Seller in the cargo house, which is the location the puppy is required to be before the shipping to show to their new family that he/she is ready to start her/his shipping process.
*The full price of the puppy has to be paid by e-transfer to the Seller once this video call is made and before the puppy is shipped.

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