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If you want a wonderful puppy, companion, family member, look no further! April spends so much time nurturing, and caring for her puppies.  When I wanted to find out more information about the Mother and Father. I would ask for pictures and videos, April is always available to answer questions and walk you through your concerns. I find she is honest, considerate, and caring for your time. I wasn’t able to pick up my puppy, April drove out of her way to deliver the puppy to me.
I lost my black lab seven years prior to getting Ruthie. I had a hard time with her passing. It is so true when they say the dog picks you. When I saw Ruthie I knew I needed her in my life. In the past, I would always get big dogs, but this is the first time I decided to get a smaller dog. I will never get any other breed than a Boston Terrier now, I have fallen in love. I will always get my dogs from April because I feel they will have exceptional health, temperament, and care.
Ruthie is five years of age now, she is in the best of health. She is a social butterfly. She loves other dogs, my two cats, and the kids in my family. Friends and family describe Ruthie as sweet, affectionate, adorable, smart, and alert.  From the minute I received my bundle of joy, she has been just that for me and my family, my joy. I couldn’t ask for a better companion, my experience getting Ruthie was amazing.
I keep in touch with April all the time sending her pictures and videos of Ruthie and her growth. April always appreciates this gesture and thanks me for keeping her in the loop about one of her dogs. I would recommend April and her kennel 100 %.


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